“Samantha Estoesta Williams is an extremely positive role model in the KW community. If you mention her name, it’s likely someone will say they know her and have been positively impacted by one of her many ongoing efforts to foster safety and care for people. In addition to volunteering for a number of organizations, Samantha often volunteers her time as a mediator; helping resolve interpersonal conflicts and promoting social wellbeing. While she continues to uplift and encourage female leadership in others; including donating her time to advance representation of women (especially BIPOC) in municipal/provincial politics, Samantha is a leader, herself; she is looked up to by an incredibly wide circle of people as a person who is active in their social justice efforts. Samantha is there. She is present. She is putting in organizational work, energy and all of her heart into bettering her community.

If there is something being organized that is for bettering the lives of women, queer, trans and non-binary people, local politics, or enhancing KW’s multiculturalism, Samantha is present. If not, she is one of the organizing bodies who put their time, energy, and care into creating the event itself. Samantha attends events and stays in touch with many people and happenings. There are few people as genuinely open, caring, and involved as Samantha.

Her work now with increasing women and girls presence in the science, technology and math fields is particularly inspiring. Samantha is well suited for the work, and I am confident that many young women will see possibilities for themselves that they never did before. This work, along with Samantha’s moving testimonials about the women of colour who have inspired her, stands to make an incredibly positive impact for our KW community at large. Samantha is a leader filled with humility, integrity, and courage to act not just for others, but with others.”

Samantha is as fierce in love as she is in determination. Dedicated to the progress of all women, she stands in the gap for others by being there when needed and going above and beyond to make sure all are included and uplifted in their differences and gifts. A beacon in the tech sector, Samantha continuously affirms that one life can kindle and bring visibility to many others. And her authenticity and commitment to genuine listening is an example for all those engaged in the work of social justice. Samantha is an inspiration.”